Notes from Father Farrell

A NOTE FROM THE PASTOR: August 27 and September 3, 2017

You may have noticed the work on the OLC Convent taking place. We are fixing up the Convent with the intent of making it a Parish Center, for meetings and holding of PREP Classes. As with any project, monies are needed to make this possible. In the weeks ahead, we will be asking for volunteers and possible donations and certainly your prayers.


The convent which housed the Sisters of St. Joseph at St. Leo for many years has been up for sale and an Agreement of Sale has been reached. Settlement will be in mid-August. Price was $175,000 as is.


The end of June marks the end of the fiscal year. The yearly report will provide an indication of how our new fund-raising efforts have affected our parish financial situation. As we have important pastoral decisions to make, please pray that God will bless our efforts to bring His grace to our Tacony neighborhood.


With the coming summer months and knowing that many Eucharistic Ministers will be away, I have decided to eliminate the Cup reception at the masses for June, July and August. We will resume this practice in September, when most have returned. Thank you for your understanding.

A NOTE FROM THE PASTOR: February 26 and March 5th, 2017 (Correction)

Our Lady of Consolation Profit & Loss - 2016 Calendar Year vs. 2015 Calendar Year


41199 - Total Ordinary Income

41110 - Sunday Collection for Parish Use

Income Jan-Dec. 2016 Jan-Dec. 2015 % Change
41110.1 - OLC Sunday Collection $217,751.65 $229,643.85 - 5.17% (-11,881.20)
41110.2 - St. Leo Sunday Collection $57,417.00 $61,266.00 - 6.28% (- 3,849.00)
41110.3 - Spanish Mass Collection $27,700.00 $23,548.90 +17.63% (+4,151.10)
41110.4 - Latin Mass Collection $23,441.00 $24,715.15 -5.14% (-1.271.15)
TOTAL - 41110- Sunday Collection for Parish Use $326,319.65 $339,170.90 -3.79% (12.851.25)

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A NOTE FROM THE PASTOR: February 19, 2017

When St. Leo School was sold in 2008, it created a trust fund of about $1.2 million. It now stands at $713,286. The money used has gone to repairs and maintenance of our buildings. The Archdiocese no longer wants to handle such funds. Thus, this money will be transferred to us and we will be responsible for its stewardship. The first installment of 20% will be coming before March 1.

A NOTE FROM THE PASTOR: February 12, 2017

Our parish is in the process of selling the OLC School Building. At the moment the proposed buyers who are running a Headstart Program have an agreement of sale on the table. However, due to title insurance issues on the school property, the proposed settlement date of March 15th will be postponed until the issues are resolved. In the meantime we will be leasing space to them on a month to month basis. As far as St. Leo Convent, a subdivision has been done on the property. As soon as the deed is recorded, we can officially put it up for sale. However, we have a buyer who has shown interest, so we will see how that goes.

A NOTE FROM THE PASTOR: February 5, 2017

One question I hear asked is should we “close St. Leo”. This is a somewhat misleading question. The process is called relegating a Church to Profane but not Sordid Use. This would entail a lengthy procedure involving the Archbishop, the Council of Priests and perhaps Rome. Parishioners must be notified and those with rights must be heard and/or give consent. The Diocese is not anxious to get involved in such cases except in the most obvious ones. The more immediate question is whether we move all Sunday worship to OLC leaving St. Leo open for wedding, funerals and special events.

A NOTE FROM THE PASTOR: January 29, 2017

The question often asked is why the St. Leo worship site is still being used for Sunday worship. From a strictly financial point of view, the collection exceeds the expenses by about $30,000 dollars. Our business manager, John Duffner, has demonstrated this for the three years since the merger. This explains why St. Leo has remained in use until now. That source of income would be a risk if there would be a reduction in the use of St. Leo unless everyone were accepting of the move of the Sunday worship to Our Lady of Consolation.

A NOTE FROM THE PASTOR: January 22, 2017

When St. Leo and OLC were merged, both parishes were in deficit spending. Most mergers involve a large parish with a smaller one. Our situation, however, creates a special challenge. In order to attain financial solvency we have undertaken the Trinity campaign, bingo and a hall rental program. We are always looking for ways to cut expenses. We will be selling other buildings, but most of that money will go to the diocese to pay off our debt.